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Restorative Justice Ecosystem

Contributions from donors like you helps to sustain our work!

We also depend on the support the Leadership Development of Black women and youth to gain the skills to 'catch themselves, families and communities.

With each donation, we can some support one of our Black women to learn and practice healing and wellness tools. Every bit counts and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We are building a Restorative Justice Ecosystem in South Florida by providing directly impacted Black and Brown families and youth with wellness tools for self and communal care through the process of Restorative Justice circles. This will aid us in our mission to promote the wellbeing and safety of our community who live in high crime rate communities and are affected by Trauma. Our youth have identified a variety of topics including: Self care, Gender/Identity, Self Love and other topics.

Check out a snippet video where youth leaders share their guidelines, values and role around Restorative Justice "Circle Keeping" Practices!